Historic Photos from Stone Street Area (buildings)

The Stone Family Reunion has many photos in its archives, some of which are available below (click on photo to enlarge):

Home of Edna Bradshaw and Selden Birchard on Stone Street:

from Carr Stone Reunion Collection
Selden Birchard Home on Stone Street

Three Bradshaw sisters:

Bradshaw sisters

Dick & Jack Handrick and sisters Ruth Furman and Jane Austin descend from Amarillas Bradshaw.

Many of the Balls and Bradshaws in the Stone Reunion descend from Vesta Bradshaw.

The current Birchards of Stone Street (and Cobb Hill Rd) descend from the three sisters’ brother, Salmon Bradshaw.

Henry Frederick Handrick’s House above Stone Street

Betsey Carrington and William Gaylord Handrick lived on the east side of Stone Street just before the road to Turrell’s corners.  Both are buried at Stone Street Cemetery.  One of their 12 children was Henry Frederick Handrick, a succesful businessman.  He built an imposing home above his parents homestead (on what is now Stewart Rd, between Stone Street and Hall Rd.) that is now gone.  Courtland Bradshaw Birchard remembered the house and made pencil drawings of it in its final days.  A newspaper photo and story shows the same home.

H.F. Handrick Home by Courtland Birchard circa 1970s (drawing in pencil)
H.F. Handrick Home by Courtland Birchard circa 1970s (drawing in pencil)
Henry Frederick Handrick Home, Hall Road
Henry Frederick Handrick Home, Hall Road
H. F. Handrick Home by Courtland Birchard (drawing in pencil circa 1970’s)

The Hotel at Stone Corners

Judson Stone was born in Connecticut in 1823 of parents Esther Taylor and Walker Stone.  His father died in 1828 and Judson came with his widowed mother (aged 29) and three siblings to Stone Street in Susquehanna County, PA where his uncles and cousins lived. The Smith family had a farm at the north end of nearby Forest Lake.  Their daughter Betsy Loretta Smith, married Judson Stone and he built a large Hotel at the intersection of (current) Forest Lake Rd. and Route 4007.  The area expanded to include other mercantile businesses including that of their son-in-law Charles C. Wells (at the right side of photo).  The area became known as “Stone Corners”. Judson Stone is the second person from the right in the photo.  A description of the hotel is provided in the 2013 Stone Family Reunion Newsletter ( 2013 SFR Newsletter)

Walker Stone Branch

Forest Lake House – Judson Stone – Stone Corners